A beautiful, quiet city, affable to walk around. With its 59,475 inhabitants, it can well presume to be a small city with a big history, culture and heritage.


Located in the north-west of the Iberian peninsula, just 248 km. from Madrid. 62 km separate it from Salamanca, 90 from Valladolid and 85 km from the Portuguese border of Braganza. Its strategic geographic location, crossroads on the Vía de la Plata, and the quality of its tourist and cultural offer make Zamora a very special place.


A destination which possesses a very good heritage and resources. The best urban Romanesque in the peninsula with some twenty buildings of this class.The river Duero, presiding the city and icon of Zamora’s tourist reference. The Cathedral with its dome and four-corner turrets… the dainty modernist touch, the grand medieval legacy with innumerable characters, history and legends, Doña Urraca, King Alfonso, the Cid Campeador or the Cerco de Zamora and together with them all, the recently opened Castle of Zamora and the Museo Baltasar Lobo or the Ethnographic Museum, bringing together history and art.


Zamoran artists with international projection of which Baltasar Lobo, Coomonte and its recently recovered contemporary art Biennial are an example. In line with these we can find especially famous poets such as Claudio Rodríguez and León Felipe. Art in its pure state combined with quality cuisine and landscape well worth getting to know.


Resources that Zamora City is converting into contemporary, relevant tourist products, packed with emotion and provoking experiences. Resources which, added to the quality and versatility of its tourist industry – accommodation, restaurants, shops – and a great quality/price relation, one of the most competitive in Spain, allow open and plastic offers to be created adapted “almost à la carte” to suit the demands of a highly specialized tourist trade, segmented and tuned to the needs of tour operators.


If to all this we add a professional management with a specific business area and intermediation only too willing to collaborate, we can clearly observe exactly what Zamora City is and what it has to offer. A historic city, for easy walking, safe, warm and open to the experience of visitors but with absolutely cutting edge services and atmosphere.