The vocational training degree in Graphic Advertising is designed to form qualified professionals able to develop communicative products of companies and institutions, whether audiovisual, printed or other types, in which the objectives of the company or institution will be expressed in an ideal way.

Their usual work is related to the problems of communication in companies, either mass or internal, mainly in three ways: informative, persuasive and identifying. They will produce commercials, campaigns and advertisements, product identity, sales promotion, external publicity, direct advertising, business editions, charts/graphs of fairs and exhibitions, packaging and containers.


The advertising graphic designer develops their professional work in these different professional fields:

  1. Art director or creative in advertising agencies.
  2. Creation tasks and coordination of teamwork in design departments.
  3. Autonomous professional of graphic design in agencies, public organizations, private corporations or design studios.
  4. Works in interdisciplinary teams (photographers, illustrators, public relations, editors, linguists, sociologists, semiologists).

LEVEL Vocational training degree in Graphic Advertising


TOTAL LENGTH:              2 academic years

                      3 semesters + 1 semester [Final project+intership]

STUDY MODE:                 Full time


1st course 2nd course
32 weeks 24 weeks 8 weeks
Fundamentals of visual representation and expression 2 2 -- 112 7
Teoría de la Imagen 2 -- -- 64 4
Medios Informáticos 4 6 -- 272 17
Photography 2 2 -- 112 7
History of the Advertising Image 2 2 -- 112 7
Typography 3 2 -- 144 9
Fundamentals of Graphic Design 3 -- -- 96 6
Advertising and Marketing Theory 3 -- -- 96 6
Audiovisual language and technology 2 4 -- 160 10
Advertising Graphics Projects 3 8 -- 288 18
Integrated Project -- -- 20 160 10
Training and Job Orientation 2 2 -- 112 7
Foreign language (English) 2 2 -- 112 7
TOTAL 30 30 20 1840 115
Practical training phase in companies, studios or workshops 160 5
TOTAL 2000 120


DECRETO 29/2013, de 11 de julio, por el que se establece el currículo correspondiente al Título de Técnico Superior de Artes Plásticas y Diseño en Gráfica Publicitaria en la Comunidad de Castilla y León y se regula su prueba de acceso.

REAL DECRETO 1431/2012, of October 11, which establishes the title of Higher Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Advertising Graphics belonging to the professional artistic family of Graphic and Audiovisual Communication and approves the corresponding minimum teaching requirements.

Professional profile



  1. To propose and carry out graphic solutions to transmit advertising messages on behalf of companies, institutions or other professionals.
  2. To plan the development of the advertising image project from the identification of the communicative assignment, the definition of the formal and aesthetic, functional and technical aspects, to the realization of the technical aspects, up to the realization of the finished graphic product.
  3. To organize and carry out the different phases of the project and the corresponding quality controls that guarantee the optimal graphic expression of the message.




  1. To carry out, in an autonomous way, advertising graphic projects with the level of quality required professionally.
  2. To efficiently communicate advertising ideas and messages through graphic resources.
  3. To provide the advertising graphic product with the persuasive, informative and/or identifying elements appropriate to the objectives of the assignment.
  4. To solve through graphic and typographic resources the formal and communicative aspects of advertising messages.
  5. To plan and carry out advertising graphic projects in all their phases and carry out the corresponding quality controls in order to obtain a graphic product of technical, artistic and communicative quality.
  6. To define the formal and functional aspects of the advertising message in a graphic support.
  7. To transmit with precision the adequate information for the reproduction processes and carry out the corresponding follow-up and quality control until obtaining an ideal printed result.
  8. To know and comply with the regulations governing the professional activity.

Final Work Schedule