Language of instruction


In our College every single lesson is conducted in Spanish.

In spite of the fact that those students who are coming will always be helped by the English teachers at school, students must speak some Spanish.


Spanish Courses

Official School of Languages: Spanish Annual Course for foreigners. Price: 160,80 €

Begins approximately in the 4th week of September and finish in the 1st week of June.


Recommended level

Language of instruction: SPANISH

Recommended Level: B1


Level according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

Incoming students will be supported by those teachers speaking English and by their own Spanish colleagues.

The Department of International Relations has bilingual dictionaries in all the languages of our partner institutions. These are available to incoming students.

The students arriving at the first semester will have the possibility to take the annual Spanish courses at the Official School of Languages in Zamora.


During the year 2011-2012 EASD Zamora applied for an educational innovation project: “SHARING KNOWLEDGE”, which was approved by Regional Government of Castilla y León.  Among the activities carried out in the framework of the project we elaborated an illustrated list of terms and phrases in nine languages: Spanish, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Italian and Portuguese. All these correspond to the languages spoken by the exchange students that have participated in the Erasmus programme.


The technical terms used in some subjects sometimes cause difficulties in the understanding of the content. For this reason and due to the impossibility of finding adequate dictionaries in arts and design we have elaborated a list with specific terminology to some courses in the programme.

The starting point for selecting vocabulary and phrases has relied on the incoming students since they are very aware of the necessities when arriving to a foreign country.

This information will be increased in the following academic courses with more terms and the languages of future students that will be welcomed in our College.

Glossary Interior Design terms

Museology and Museography. Spanish  |  Italian  |  Portoguese  |  Polish  |  Duch

Construction. Spanish  |  English  |  Hungarian

Glossary Sculpture terms

Languages:   Spanish  |  English