The EASD is a state-run institution which functions under the regional government of Castilla y León. Founded in 1983 and located at the centre of the town of Zamora, it offers a large range of educational programs and courses in and related to fine arts, crafts and design.


Throughout its 30 years’ history the school has experimented with diverse pedagogical approaches, aligned always with a philosophy of education that holds a rounded and personalized notion of teaching at its centre. Our main aim is to offer programs where theoretical content is complemented by practice and participation through specialised workshops, as well as by direct contact with companies within the relevant sector.


Historically housed in the town’s castle, in 2007 the school relocated to a new building which has provided it with an improved infrastructure in the shape of additional seminar rooms, computer room and modelling room; as well as with increased resources to cater for the specific needs of disciplines as varied as painting, photography, sculpture modelling, forge, wood carving and art drawing, and rooms containing drawing boards and individual computers for interior design students.


We encourage curiosity and open-mindedness in our students and believe that exchanges with other countries is of crucial importance for the advancement of intellectual capacities and research skills and for an increased competitiveness at an international level. It is in this spirit that we are seeking to broaden our scope of cooperation with a number of foreign schools and universities.