How to start?
First, a bilateral agreement must be signed between your home institution and the EASD in Zamora. Contact the International Office to obtain the necessary form.

Contact the international relations department of the EASD in Zamora in order to ask for assistance, the coordinator will inform the departments where you would like to receive training.

Once you have the contacted the right person, send them your work or training plan.
To find out more about the application process, contact the Erasmus institutional coordinator at your home institution or your National Agency.

If you have applied and you have been selected by your home institution for Erasmus funding, you can start arranging your travel. You are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodation.


You can find information on this link:

Regarding the teachers/ staff mobility, we haven't deadlines, please send us the Mobility Programme (for teachers or staff) at least a month before coming.