The plan for China Energy Trip 2013 has come out.


China Energy Trip aims to bring together young people who are interested in green development from around world. Through this international cooperative effort, we are looking forward to academic and idea exchanges between the youth from different countries, which can enhance mutual understanding and make contributions to solving global climate and energy issues. By far, we have already organized four sessions of China Energy Trip successfully and accepted nearly 60 students from top universities around the world into our project. The participants are now getting increasingly diversified.  This year, the China Energy Trip 2013, we have 2 modules for participants to choose.  

Module A: Green Innovation starts from July 10th to 21st which will be held in Beijing. And it is also our first time to include the International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change (IYSECC 2013) in China Energy Trip. During the 12 days trip, you will learn the background information of China energy industry through training at Tsinghua University, attending summit at Peking University, visiting labs, energy facilities, companies, and writing the green business plan. 

In Module B: The Silk Road Safari, we will start from Xi'an on Jul 31st and go along the Silk Road to Dunhuang in two weeks, passing by Jinchang, Jiayuguan and experiencing the exotic culture of the world and visiting the China major energy bases.

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